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The BEAR - Logo promise

BEAR wants to take a big bite out of unhealthy snacking habits Grrr!
That is why all our BEAR snacks are made of real ingredients and are barely processed. BEAR keeps it deliciously clean and fun!

The BEAR promise

BEAR makes natural, tasty and fun treats that only contain the goodness of fruit. Made with real fruit. A unique combination that makes the healthier choice simpler for parents and more fun for kids.
BEAR fruit snacks are available in different shapes, sizes and fruit flavors. Grrr...

No added sugar

*Not a low calorie food. See nutrition info for calories and sugar content.

Made with real fruit


Never from juice concentrate

To preserve what nature provided. Source of fiber, vitamins & minerals.

How we make our products

We use real ingredients that grow on trees and fields and slowly dry them with great care. We never put sugar, concentrates or other nonsense additives in our products.
What you see is what you get. Grrr...

BEAR grunts when he thinks of other fruit snacks that are meant for children and are made from highly concentrated fruit juices and thickeners that are cooked at high temperatures! Grrr…

Pick fruit and vegetables fresh in season. We use the whole fruit, not just the juice, and never concentrates.
Dried slowly at a low temperature to lock in all the natural goodness.
The dried fruit is than hand cut and hand rolled into Fruit Rolls.
Boil ingredients at 212 degrees Fahrenheit in a tank to create highly concentrated fruit juices/pastes stripped of fiber and essential vitamins.
Add back in gumming agents and fillers to bulk up production yield and lower sugar claims. This additional process does not add any nutritional value.
Push the liquid syrup through an extrusion nozzle to be ‘shaped’ then cooled. The whole process lasts mere minutes.

The story of BEAR

The BEAR founder read an article about how bears had moved into cities to forage from behind junk food joints and bins. These 'city bears' were 30% fatter than their wild bear friends eating salmon and wild berries. They were also 30% less active and sadly all dead by the age of 10, whilst over 60% of the wild bears lived on healthily. 

The story resonated with us, as we found that people and families were always growling about how hard it was to get fruit into their diets. We promised to search the world for healthy snack alternatives to processed foods! And so BEAR was born!

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